Why webinars hold the answers to your content conundrums

Why webinars hold the answers to your content conundrums 

Findings from a recent Vimeo survey revealed that 72% of people attended the same number, if not more, online events even after the pandemic had ended. Even though the pandemic period was when webinars rose in popularity, they have continued to be an unbeatable tool in professional education.

Particularly for not-for-profits and for-good companies, webinars are a fantastic way to inform an audience about your work and show off your expertise in your industry, with minimal overhead costs, planning and resources. 

Whether it’s speaking to prospective donors, colleagues in your industry, or your existing clients, you have the opportunity to inform and educate your audience from the comfort of your own office or home. 

As avid webinar fans at Fifty Acres, we’ve broken down the top benefits and our tips for hosting one of your own. 

The benefits

Reach: Your geographic location holds no barriers in telling your story; you have access to an interstate and international audience at your fingertips. 

Resources: Overheads are kept low compared to an in-person seminar. All you’ll need is a computer, streaming service, and somebody to speak,

Replay: Webinars can be watched live, later that day, and again in a year’s time, so your messages can be utilised by your audience far beyond the original event. 

Jo’s top tips (our CEO and resident webinar extraordinaire)

Keep it interactive: Be personable – it is certainly more difficult to engage an audience over a screen than in-person. Ask questions in a poll, use humour, and include personal anecdotes to increase engagement and connection. 

Know your audience: Keep whom you are speaking to top-of-mind. Your tone and language should differ to align with their interests. 

Go with the flow… Whether it’s technical difficulties, stumbling on your words, or having a low turn-out, it’s inevitable that there will be some bumps in the road, especially during your first webinar. Your audience knows that you’re only human; they will empathise and understand. 

As part of our 50 Good Reasons campaign, our Founder and CEO Jo Scard is running a free webinar each month with industry guests to chat through the latest on communications and engagement designed to meet the needs of  for-good organisations and businesses. 

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