Why strategic communications matters (now more than ever)

The relationship between a business and its stakeholders should form the foundation of an effective organisation. Now more than ever, our target audiences are more aware, more astute and looking for authenticity. That’s where strategic communications can play a role in connecting with your audience, building your brand, and helping you to rise above your competitors through communication.

If your organisation has not yet delved into the world of effective communication, we’ve prepared a list of why doing so should be high on your priority list.

It establishes a two-way exchange between your business and your stakeholders

Whether it’s regular media coverage, a fortnightly e-newsletter, or establishing a focus group, delivering a program of effective strategic communication provides an opportunity to “talk” to your audience and encourages their feedback. This means you don’t have to wait for the yearly evaluation to find out what your audience is thinking and feeling.

If people have misperceptions, communication can help

Just like the rumour mill, your business can be the victim of misperception about its operations or projects. With effective and clear communication through the media and your owned platforms such as social media or your website, you can change the narrative and secure your place within the public realm.

The media is your friend, not your foe

Many businesses shy away from media attention, and in certain circumstances, the media is not the answer – but most times, the media can help your cause. Feature articles incorporating your comments can raise your profile as an industry expert, opinion pieces can offer you a platform to deliver commentary, while radio and podcasts provide an opportunity to build on your narrative through audio channels.

Staff are stakeholders too

Staff need regular communication too. A strategic plan designed to deliver effective communication with your staff can help provide guidelines around when and how to connect during everyday operations. This sort of strategic approach is also necessary when an organisation is navigating a crisis. Whether you’re the focus of a negative media story or struggling with customer complaints, it is imperative that staff are kept informed and know how they can help the situation.

It makes a difference

When delivering a community project or initiative, letting people know about it is one of the most important factors dictating success. When more people know, more people talk, and more of the media write about it, you can effectively raise your business profile and get potential funding partners interested.  Even when there is not much to communicate – keep communicating.

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