The Time is Now for NFPs to Work with Government

There has never been a better time to get in front of the government, highlight your work in the community, and reiterate how you can contribute to the national agenda according to Founder and CEO of Fifty Acres, Jo Scard. 

“We are really looking forward to welcoming over 100 not-for-profit representatives to our For Good Not-for-Profit Conference in August, and hearing from our keynote speaker Assistant Treasurer, Dr Andrew Leigh MP on what the government is looking for when it comes to funding and supporting projects and initiatives,” said Scard. 

Fifty Acres is Australia’s leading integrated engagement and communications agency in the impact space, and has specialised in helping not-for-profit organisations gain access to the corridors of Parliament. 

One such organisation is Generation Australia, an international non-profit, that delivers unique accelerated training and employment programs. Generation Australia has been working with Fifty Acres over the last year to strengthen its connection with the government and highlight how it can alleviate national skills and labour shortages. 

Head of Strategy and Product at Generation Australia, Jessica Dharmasiri, has supported Generation Australia to present the organisation as an extension to the existing, traditional models of TAFE and University to upskill Australians. 

On the left: Jo Scard, Fifty Acres CEO and on the right: Jessica Dharmasiri, Head of Strategy and Product at Generation Australia.

“We work with community members, including women, youth, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, those living with a disability, and migrants who may have faced barriers in the past to employment, and provide valuable training, so they can enter in-demand industries.”  

“Having the opportunity to meet with Ministers and their advisors to present Generation Australia’s offering, our case studies and significant outcomes so far has been extremely valuable, and significantly strengthened our relationship with key members of government.” 

“It is not a short journey, it definitely involves consistency, and staying informed of the government’s needs, but this government’s doors are open, and they are ready to engage,” said Dharmasiri. 

Dharmasiri will join other speakers at the August conference, including Peter Lewis of Essential Media, and Federal Press Gallery journalists including Finn McHugh from SBS, Josh Butler from The Guardian, and Amanda Copp from National Radio News.  

The conference will also involve presentations from Andrew Apostola from UX company Portable, Jamie Wilson from creative agency Coordinate, Darren Fittler, Australia’s leading NFP legal mind and partner at Gilbert and Tobin, and CEO of NFP technology organisation, Infoexchange David Spriggs.   

“This year’s conference is definitely one that not-for-profit organisations should not miss.  Not only for the insightful program but for access to Dr Leigh and other not-for-profit organisations across various sectors. I am also available for free one-on-one consultations,” said Scard. 

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