The Purpose of Public Relations: Why Choose a PR Agency?

People often confuse the role of a PR agency with an advertising agency. However, they are actually very different.

Public relations, unlike advertising, is focused on building an organic relationship between a company and the wider community or a personality and their intended audience. Whereas, advertising focuses more heavily on promotions, awareness, publicity and attention.

The key difference is that the fundamental role of a PR agency is to present a company or identity in the best possible way. This means that they can help you form an authentic connection between you and the people that you help or serve.

A PR agency will work collaboratively with you to create newsworthy opportunities, disseminate important information to the relevant audiences and showcase your great work.

By highlighting your great work and working alongside your leadership teams to generate fresh ideas, a PR agency is an essential asset your company’s growth. A PR agency is the best tool to adequately and quickly build trust across your intended community. And more importantly, keep that trust.

A great PR agency will be able to equip you with expert stakeholder management and engagement skills as they will have proven experience in collaborating with external media sources, reporters, influencers, journalists and newsrooms.

A PR agency will also ensure that all of your bases are covered, that excellent opportunities are created and a positive brand, built on trust and authentic relationships, is developed.

Crisis Management: The Importance of Public Relations in the Event of an Incident

Mistakes and poor Communications Planning can often lead to things going wrong for your organisation. The good news is that a PR agency can put the right steps in place to make sure that you bounce back.

Beyond helping to build a positive image for your organisation and finding appropriate news angles, a PR agency will be able to offer expert advice and guidance when an incident occurs.

With the reputation of your organisation in mind, a PR agency will be able to assist in diffusing bad publicity and improve the situation through effective media training and reporting.

A quality PR agency will be able to help you to address the right parties, deliver the right responses and handle the crisis in an effective way. Importantly, a PR agency will be able to help you handle any press or media requests, draft the right media responses, organise interviews with the right people and talk on behalf of you in media environments.

The goal of a PR agency is to ensure that organisations are portrayed in their best light and that your core partnerships are prioritised. Beyond crisis management, a PR agency will offer ongoing support for your Communications channels and ensure that you are properly, appropriately and effectively connecting with your community.

Why Choose Fifty Acres?

Fifty Acres is an award winning for-good communications agency.

Built on the vision to make extraordinary things happen for good people and led by CEO Jo Scard, we are deeply passionate about strategic communications, integrated campaigns and meaningful partnerships.

We have the expertise, creativity and insight to get the results that organisations need. Since 2010, we have helped all kinds of organisations and NFPs reach their goals. For a full-service agency, a team of passionate experts and reputation for innovative campaigns, Fifty Acres can help you do great things.


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