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Government engagement in the post-pandemic era

Jo Scard, CEO + Founder of Fifty Acres, shares some insights into how social change organisations and NFPs can effectively engage policymakers and stakeholders, and embrace change, for-good.

Why purpose-driven brands need to show up in the spaces that matter

In light of the recent protests in Australia – physical and virtual – Jo Scard identifies why brands need to join the conversation and, more importantly, how.

Fifty Acres takes a stand against fossil fuels

Fifty Acres is proud to be a member of Comms Declare, an independent environmental group fighting for a climate-friendly future by harnessing the power of communications, marketing, media and advertising.

Tips on how to effectively work from home

With governments and companies doing all they can to halt the spread of COVID-19, more and more people are beginning to work remotely either by choice or company policy. Our Founder + CEO, Jo Scard, goes through her tips and best practice on how to effectively work from home and stay connected. Fifty Acres has […]

Government communications in 2021: How to prepare for a political playground

As we all emerge from the many challenges of 2020, it is time for the social impact space to step into the new year with its best foot forward – ready to act and adapt as the ‘new normal’ continues to be shaken up. We asked our PR agency’s Founder + CEO, Jo Scard, to […]

Eddie McGuire’s racism report response: How not to act in a crisis

In the wake of a damning report exposing systemic racism in the Collingwood Football Club, president Eddie McGuire is showing leaders exactly what not to do in times of reputational crisis. In an article published on SmartCompany, our PR agency Founder and CEO, Jo Scard, weighs in on McGuire’s response and offers up some effective […]

Meet Fifty Acres – who we are and what we do

At Fifty Acres we like to describe ourselves as more than just an Australian based PR agency. The truth is – we do so much more than that. Instead, we introduce ourselves as a team of communications and engagement experts, with a passion to deliver public relations in a way that is seamless and impactful […]

Disrupting a COVID-normal world and bracing for 2021: How do we ensure we are heard?

You have heard it before – we are living in unprecedented times. We find ourselves in a strange, challenging, extraordinary and uncertain media playground. Now, more than ever, brands have to find a voice that stands out from everyone else trying to be heard in a chaotic COVID-19 climate. Not for profits and for-purpose organisations […]

Planning your NFP’s communications for 2021

Start the new year off with a bang by getting on top of your organisation’s public relations strategy. An effective public relations campaign or plan has five essential elements: your goals, target audience, key messages and call-to-actions, timeline and implementation plan. Goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. They are the […]

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