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Budget under cloud of review

Treasurer Jim Chalmers has been preparing the nation in recent weeks for a ‘bread and butter’ October budget, one that fulfils some of their election commitments, unpicks waste and meets some of the Coalition’s obligations at Labor’s choosing.  In recent days, the Government has found itself re-evaluating their sums to offer much-needed relief for flood victims.

Playing it right: Entering the podcast game as a not-for-profit

In 2022, podcasts have become a staple in communications professionals’ toolboxes. Not-for-profits can leverage them – without having to start their own series.

Creating your winning government engagement strategy

With a wealth of experience in government relations, founder and CEO of Fifty Acres Jo Scard shares her key ingredients for a winning government engagement strategy.

What does the 2021 Census data mean for your NFP?

It’s been five long years in the waiting, but the results of the ABS Census are finally here. While there’s still a way to go before full insights into the data are known, we’re already seeing some crucial takeouts that not-for-profit organisations should consider when building their strategy.

Why strategic communications matters (now more than ever)

If your organisation has not yet delved into the world of effective communication, we’ve prepared a list of why doing so should be high on your priority list.

How to make your not-for-profit mark during elections

Our Founder and CEO, Jo Scard, recently featured alongside Meltwater’s Executive Account Manager Rohan Hora to explore insights from the federal government election, with Jo sharing key takeaways for not-for-profits looking to make an impact during an election campaign.

How not-for-profits can make an impact with communications

At Fifty Acres, we work with many not-for-profits on their communication, government relations strategies and media, and we’re ready to share some of our secrets about why communication matters now more than ever.

The federal election campaign is over: what did we learn?

For communicators, the federal election campaign trail highlighted the tactics that work and those that don’t.

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