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The importance of human-led storytelling for purpose-driven organisations

As a not-for-profit or for-good business, the stories within your organisation are your bread and butter; they’re what set you apart from run-of-the-mill corporates. 

Why webinars hold the answers to your content conundrums

Particularly for not-for-profits and for-good companies, webinars are a fantastic way to inform an audience about your work and show off your expertise in your industry, with minimal overhead costs, planning and resources. 

NSW state election: the rocking chair

After a big year of electoral success, Labor arguably faces their toughest challenge yet, the NSW election.

What the superannuation tax increase means for NFPs

Recent superannuation changes is good news for not for profit organisations. It means we are finally approaching a government who will likely listen to our plight.

The winning combination of earned media and government relations for purpose-driven organisations

Leveraging earned media and engaging with relevant government stakeholders are two tactics that NFPs often employ to raise their profile, build their community support, and increase their impact in their chosen area.

Now is the time to reintroduce yourself to government

Unlike the government before them, this Government is keen to hear from not-for-profit organisations and for good businesses, learn about the problems they are facing, and find a solution that your organisation can present.

Newsjacking – what is it and why does it work?

Whilst many believe that the only time to communicate with the media is when they get in touch, proactive media through newsjacking is one of Fifty Acres favourite strategies.

PR trends for NFPs in 2023

By reflecting on 2022’s emerging trends and best practices, we can look to 2023, and begin crafting communications strategies with purpose.   The communications landscape is constantly changing. This year, we’ve seen the COVID-19 pandemic’s continued impact on news and media outlets, the rise and fall of some of the biggest players in social media, and […]

The role of strategic communication in driving trust for NFPs

Trust underpins the public’s connection with not for profits (NFPs) and charities. A strong, trusting relationship encourages funding and community support, increasing the organisation’s potential impact in its chosen area, and the role of strategic communications and public relations in driving trust for NFPs should not be understated.

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