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Multicultural media is a strong engagement lever, not a gimmick

Mobinah Ahmad, Account Director at Fifty Acres, warns that neglecting multicultural media in favour of mainstream placement comes at a cost.

Get prepared for the federal election with our free webinar

With a federal election approaching, it’s time to get prepared. Join our free webinar on 28 February to learn how you can make sure your organisation is ready for the coming months – no matter the outcome of the poll.

Approaching the federal budget cycle: Ending the year with a clear vision for your NFP

If this is your first time preparing a pre-budget submission or you’re looking to sharpen your entry, Jo Scard, CEO and founder of Fifty Acres, has collated some handy tips to give organisations the best chance at achieving advocacy goals.

Expect the unexpected: How to respond to crisis, before it strikes

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. In an article for Pro Bono News, Jo Scard shares easy steps you can take to ensure your organisation has a bullet proof plan in place, before the unexpected happens.

Back to basics: Simple communications in a confusing climate

As a fallout of the pandemic, we’ve watched on as local, state, and federal governments wrestle with the consequences of inconsistent messaging.

The future is female… and remote: How virtual workplaces are rewriting the narrative

COVID-19 gave Lex La Sala the confidence to move into a remote role despite the stigma around working-from-home. Now, she says, we’re in an environment where virtual workplaces are not only the norm but provide grounds for women to thrive.

Personal communications in the digital economy – is it possible?

It’s undeniable that COVID-19 has changed the way we approach public relations and government engagement – so how do we navigate these spaces in a digital-first world? Fifty Acres Founder + CEO Jo Scard weighs in with some expert tips.

Government engagement in the post-pandemic era

Jo Scard, CEO + Founder of Fifty Acres, shares some insights into how social change organisations and NFPs can effectively engage policymakers and stakeholders, and embrace change, for-good.

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