The federal election campaign is over: what did we learn?

For communicators, the federal election campaign trail highlighted the tactics that work and those that don’t. Account director at Fifty Acres Lex La Sala, shares her reflections on this year’s campaign, and how these lessons can inform better communications strategies.

As a dedicated publicist, it’s in my DNA to watch the publicity tactics of others very closely. To see what works, to see what doesn’t, and to apply these learnings to my own craft. This year’s election campaign felt like Christmas for those watching through a PR lens.

Throughout all of the blunders, we were reminded exactly why we do what we do. Beyond that, we were provided with direct insight into the sorts of methods that we should implement into our strategies and, crucially, the ones that we shouldn’t.

Now that the election is over, and Labor have come out on top, here are some of the key trends that I’ve picked up on in this year’s campaign trail: what achieved impact, what completely missed the mark, and what to consider when telling your stories.

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