Strategic Communications for NFPs

A communications strategy is a must for not-for-profits and for-good organisations! It lays the foundation for your internal and external communications activities. An effective strategy will have clear goals, objectives and tactics that help your organisation’s image or growth.
How to develop a Communications Strategy

Creating an effective communications strategy does not have to be overly complex. If needed, you can seek support from a PR agency.

Use our checklist below to lay the foundations of an effective strategy:

  • What are your goals and objectives? Identify what you are trying to achieve.
  • Are there any risks and opportunities you need to be aware of? Determine these using a PEST or SWOT analysis.
  • Who do you need to engage with to reach your goals and objectives? Identify the channels they use.
  • What do you need to say to your audiences? Develop key messages and call-to-actions for your audiences.
  • Which tactics will you prioritise? This is what you need to do to achieve your goals and objectives.
Do you need a PR agency?

It all comes down to your organisation’s resources. Does your team have the time to research, develop and implement a robust communications strategy? If not than you may need to engage a PR agency. They will guide and help you understand public views, how to speak to the right people for maximum impact. Unlike advertising, PR strengthens your brand through owned and earned media channels. They also work with and connect clients with advertising agencies, promotion teams, HR and other areas of management to support yout organisation.

Most importantly they know the channels you need to use and what to say to improve your brand’s image and internal capacity. That’s one thing we pride ourselves on at Fifty Acres – providing strategic counsel and support to help NFPs build the skills needed to thrive!

Through the services we provide at Fifty Acres, you will know what to say, when to say it and how and that will evident across all aspects of your organisation.


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