Planning your NFP’s communications for 2021

Start the new year off with a bang by getting on top of your organisation’s public relations strategy.

An effective public relations campaign or plan has five essential elements: your goals, target audience, key messages and call-to-actions, timeline and implementation plan.

  • Goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. They are the desired outcomes your campaign or strategy will achieve. A goal is the first step of any strategic planning as it will shape your public relations, government engagement and stakeholder communication strategies.
  • Knowing your target audience is critical so you know who to target, where and how. Knowing this will help tailor your messages and call-to-actions – responding to their perceptions to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Creating a timeline will help plan for delivery of each stage and tactic in your public relations campaign. It will keep your organisation focused to deliver the strategy and be prepared for events and other communication activities.
  • The final section of your public relations strategy should be an implementation plan – a practical section identifying assets needed for each tactic including: the story or angle, who you will be communicating with and how/where to communicate with them.

The news cycle is saturated at the moment. A strategy is the first step to creating cut-through communications and identifying stories that speaks to your audience. A good public relations strategy revolves around storytelling – marrying human experiences with data-driven findings – and communicates your organisation’s brand mission and values.

However, one challenge many not-for-profits faces is limited resources. That’s why Fifty Acres specialises in NFP communications. We are proud to support the inspirational and life-changing work our clients make in their communities. Our passion for storytelling is why our work delivers results. Whether it be government relations, media relations, advocacy and campaigning, we make sure the right stories are told to the right people.

We provide services across the board from ad hoc counsel and advice to strategy development and implementation. We offer a genuinely integrated approach to public relations, stakeholder communications and government relations, from strategy to rollout, to help our clients kick their goals.


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