Personal communications in the digital economy – is it possible?

It’s undeniable that COVID-19 has changed the way we approach public relations and government engagement – so how do we navigate these spaces in a digital-first world? Fifty Acres Founder + CEO Jo Scard weighs in with some expert tips.

From business meetings to social events, the onset of the pandemic saw our entire lives shifted online. And while face-to-face interaction certainly remains a key touchpoint when it comes to liaising with stakeholders, it’s critical to approach digital communications strategically to ensure your message is heard.

In her latest article, Jo Scard offers up some advice for mastering the art of effective online communications, whether you’re reaching out to journalists, MPs or philanthropists. Covering the importance of personalised pitching, relationship-building and creative thinking, these tips will help you build a communications approach that cuts through the digital noise and helps your brand stand out.

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