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Why purpose-driven brands need to show up in the spaces that matter

Mar 26, 2021

In light of the recent protests in Australia – physical and virtual – Jo Scard identifies why brands need to join the conversation and, more importantly, how. 

People have been taking to the streets to march and protest for social justice for centuries. Some protests have gained so much momentum that they have changed the course of history – paving way for new laws that protect minority groups. In recent years, we’ve watched hashtags evolve into everyday references, as concerned citizens across the globe call for change on their Twitter feeds.

In Australia alone, relentless protests have led to voting rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and marriage equality for the LGBT+ community. More recently, we’ve seen our youth take to the streets to call for climate change action, and we’ve seen the Black Lives Matter movement ripple through conversations all the way from your Auntie’s Facebook status to Parliament House.

Australia now finds itself on the brink of a revolution. March 4 Justice saw thousands of protesters, across 40 cities in Australia, take to the streets in response to the recent allegations in Parliament House and the gender-based violence that still plagues our planet.

So how do brands ensure that they are joining these very necessary conversations in the right way? How do we join these marches in a way that isn’t performative, but focused wholly on being an added layer of support?


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