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Why purpose-driven brands need to show up in the spaces that matter

Mar 26, 2021

Following recent protests across Australia, Fifty Acres CEO and founder Jo Scard has penned an article on Pro Bono News exploring why brands need to join the conversation and how they can do so authentically.

From demanding voting rights for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to urging the government for marriage equality and climate action, Australians are no strangers to protesting. In light of the recent March 4 Justice protests spurred by sexual assault allegations in Parliament House, the nation now finds itself on the brink of a revolution.

So as more people take to the streets to protest and demand social justice, how do brands ensure they are joining these necessary conversations in the right way? Jo weighs in with advice for not-for-profits and purpose-driven teams in her latest article.

Read the full article on Pro Bono News.


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