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Leaders Can Learn From Christchurch

Mar 21, 2019

None of us would have escaped the public discussion about tolerance and leadership in the days after the Christchurch massacre.

While I won’t analyse here why it happened, one of the things I think we can learn from the last few days is the incredible role that leadership plays in bringing communities together in times of crisis and need.

Most of us will not have to undertake the role that Jacinda Ardern has needed to since Friday, but what we can do is to stand back and admire her ability to lead and guide, and balance security and compassion.

Commentators have said that Ardern has proved that typically “feminine” behaviour is powerful – I’d argue that hugging someone whose husband has been killed in a terrorist attack is a human response, not a peculiarly feminine one.

What Ardern has done from the very first moment was to go to where she meant to be – inclusive, shining a light on diversity and moving swiftly to action. She led and didn’t watch.

What can we all think about here? In our own organisations we can decide to take action, we can arm ourselves with information and then use that information to influence outcomes. We can look at what’s coming ahead and agree with our teams and with our boards to capitalise on the opportunities that change might bring.

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