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Influencer Marketing Webinar

Aug 20, 2018

During our recent Fifty Acres Academy Webinar our Managing Director, Jo Scard spoke with Scrunch Co-Founder, CEO and influencer marketing queen Danielle Lewis on the topic of what actually is influencer marketing and brands and not-for-profits use it to their advantage with. Danielle dropped some really insightful key takeaways that we’re excited to share with you if you didn’t get a chance to tune in to the webinar.

Check out our favourite quotes below…

On data and influencer marketing?

    • “When doing an ad buy marketers look at audience demographics and insights, but for some reason people forget that level of data and data-driven strategies in influencer marketing”
    • “What data is available? There is a good, better and best way to look at it in influencer marketing. A good metric is reach and brand alignment, a better metric is engagement and a best metric is audience analysis including gender, location, age, interests and purchase intent.”
    • “We are seeing brands measure ROI in a number of ways – from the top of the funnel, they are looking at brand awareness, reach and impressions. In the middle of the funnel they are looking at engagement, website traffic and lead generation. From the bottom of the funnel, they are looking at sales and donations.”
    • “Different brands have different versions of ROI – there is no right and wrong way when it comes to measuring ROI”


On why brands are using Influencer Marketing?

    • “There are so many reasons why brands use influencer marketing: content generation, awareness, website traffic, lead generation, seo, social media growth, sales and donations and damage control.”
    • “Influencers are amazing content generators – influencers can help brands create an amazing library of content about their brand.”
      “Influencer marketing is good at creating excitement.”


On working with influencers

    • “Keep in mind some influencers work fulltime and have other commitments so they can’t always reply immediately. Give them time – within a week you will have a good idea about who is available to participate in the campaign.”
    • “From a value point of view, influencers are really strong because you get the content production (which is a high content value) and you also get the amplification piece when they push it out on their channels. When compared with producing the content in house, it’s very cost effective.”
    • “Influencers are two things – they are a content creator just like a photographer, and they are an advertising channel, like Google. Both would expect to be paid, and so do influencers.”
    • “Make sure influencers have everything they need to create content and make sure this is included in the brief.”
    • “Influencer content is always owned by the influencer. If you want to use it commercially you do have to have the license to do that. Most influencers are open to this and may charge, but always ask first and don’t assume. The influencer owns the copyright and it will be a copyright infringement if content is used without full and correct permissions. It could end in a legal battle.”
    • “At the end of the day, it always comes back to high quality content and high quality storytelling and that will eliminate influencers who are not invested in brands.”


On influencer marketing best practices

    • “Get really clear on what you want to achieve and how you are going to measure success.”
    • “When running an influencer marketing campaign, keep these best practices in mind. 1. Influencers are an advertising channel so expect to be paid. 2. Influencers are currently paid on the number of followers (although this is starting to change). 3. Brief, brief, brief. 4. You don’t own the content.”
    • “Quantity is not always the key – quality and targeting produces a good ROI so don’t worry about going niche, it’s not a bad thing to have a niche and stick to it.”“Never be afraid to ask an influencer for their audience analysis from their blog or social media platforms, they should be able to provide screenshots so you can assess their audience prior to a relationship.”


On Scrunch

  • “Scrunch is doing the heavy lifting on the influencer piece, making it easy for marketers to report back to their clients and/or the business.”
  • “We are the people and the platform that brings all of the other parties together – the brands, the influencers, talent managers and agencies and we give them all the data they need to run smart influencer campaigns.”
  • “The idea behind Scrunch is bringing that data to the brands we work with so they can consume it in a really easy way.”
  • You can listen to a recording of the webinar here. We hope these insights and key takeaways were helpful for marketers who are already running influencer marketing campaigns or plan to in the future.

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