Now is the time to reintroduce yourself to government

2023 is well and truly underway, and the Fifty Acres team are helping many clients engage with the Albanese government.  

If you are responsible for government engagement in  a not-for-profit organisation or for-good business, and have perhaps experienced a lacklustre response from the Coalition, now is the time to reintroduce yourself. 

Keep reading for our top reasons why you should be doing all you can to make your organisation known to government:

Government has ambitious plans, and needs help

Whether it’s increased employment for women, industry changes to aged care, or their climate change policy, the Labor government has many irons in the fire, and there is no doubt they cannot do it alone. Do your research on their policies and plans, and if your initiative or program aligns, seriously consider putting forward a submission ahead of the next budget.

They are willing to lend an ear

Since their election, we have enjoyed great success for our clients, securing meetings across many portfolios, in addition to paving the way for a seat at the table of industry summits and departmental forums. Unlike the government before them, this Government is keen to hear from not-for-profit organisations and for good businesses, learn about the problems they are facing, and find a solution that your organisation can present. If you highlight a return on investment, evidence of previous success stories, and have supporters across your industry, do not hesitate to make a connection with the government.  

There are opportunities to make industry changes

With so many dialogues, industry forums and meetings, there is a real opportunity to make long-lasting changes to your industry, which may better support your operations or fast track much-needed regulation. It is safe to say that there has never been this level of consultation and involvement of the not for profit and for-good business community. “Kicking the door down” and making yourself known in Canberra is the only way to become involved.

It is highly likely, Labor will return for another term

As has been the case throughout the history of the Australian government; it’s more likely that an incumbent government will be reelected than replaced by an opposing party. If you have attended any one of Jo Scard’s webinars, you will have heard that government engagement is a long journey, and so it makes perfect sense to make contact with the government early in their term and reconnect often. Begin building your case now, of your organisation’s alignment with Labor policy and ambitions, and it will probably deliver positive results in the future.

To develop a focused government engagement strategy, which identifies key government targets to connect with during 2023, contact Fifty Acres today. 

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