Newsjacking – what is it and why does it work?

Whilst many believe that the only time to communicate with the media is when they get in touch, proactive media through newsjacking is one of Fifty Acres favourite strategies. It sounds like a mechanical tool – but it’s actually a way for your organisation to quickly become part of the media narrative, and strengthen important relationships with journalists across the nation.


So what is newsjacking? It is proactive media relations, which involves keeping a close eye on the media landscape, discovering alignment with your organisation’s work, and offering the media an alternative angle, delivering a win-win situation which raises awareness of your work, whilst offering unique content to the media.


Top five reasons to newsjack

  1. The misperceptions are irritating you – if you are following a news story that covers your industry or services and some comments are manipulating the truth, there is no better way to set the record straight than to offer yourself up as a spokesperson. Let the journalist covering the story know you exist by sending through a comment or three covering your opinions and advise of your interview availability – they will admire you for it.
  2. You are looking to strengthen your relationship with the media – there is no quicker way to get your name saved on a journalist’s speed dial than through newsjacking. Offering interesting comments, thought-provoking data or provocative statements whilst a narrative is in play is the quickest way to make yourself known to the media. Back that up with being a reliable source of information, available for interview upon request and having additional sources at the ready, and you will quickly become the media’s new best friend.
  3. You are kicking off a media strategy – if you have plans for an ongoing media strategy whereby you will distribute media releases often, and are looking to secure coverage over a period time – newsjacking offers an opportunity to pilot your media relation skills, make yourself known, and gather journalist information. Before too long, and in perfect timing for your media strategy launch, you will have built a brand amongst the media, and they will have no hesitation in including your comments, or running your future stories.
  4. You would like to align with like minded organisations – newsjacking can take the form of a few comments and the offer of an interview sent through to media, however a media release can also do the trick. If you are keen to align yourself with a like minded organisation, a co-branded media release is an effective way to present as a united front, alongside a credible organisation, especially if they have had past success with the media.
  5. You want to change the narrative – if a story appears to be teetering out, but your organisations can take it in a new direction, newsjacking is a clever way to create the story you want to tell with the media’s help. This tactic requires facts, data, and a willingness to state your opinion, so be prepared.


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