How not-for-profits can make an impact with communications

It’s no secret that not-for-profit organisations deliver significant benefits to our communities across Australia while balancing on a budget tightrope. Communication is a relatively simple way to make your mark with the media, government and stakeholders, share your messages and insights, and raise awareness of your work in a way advertising never will.

At Fifty Acres, we work with many not-for-profits on their communication, government relations strategies and media, and we’re ready to share some of our secrets about why communication matters now more than ever.

Content remains king

Even Google will tell you that while algorithms have their place, quality content will still see your organisation climbing the search engine ladder. A regular blog on your cause, an active YouTube channel with captivating data and images, or regular LinkedIn articles are all relatively quick and simple ways to share your message and effectively build your brand.

Communication is an exchange

It’s vital to keep in mind that when communicating with your stakeholders, you should be talking with them, not at them. Establishing focus groups, a feedback process or strengthening your volunteer group can ensure the relationships your organisation has with stakeholders and volunteers remain relevant. When times are tough, those relationships will be the most important in the lead-up to fundraising, and keeping them strong means they can be called upon for insight and assistance.

Media has a role to play 

Now more than ever, the media relies upon organisations to deliver news content. In saying this, what you offer must be relevant and make a statement that aligns with your organisation’s mission and objectives. As part of the 2022 State of Journalism Report, 71% of journalists said a subject connected to a trending topic makes that story shareable. Communication agencies can help you carve out your narrative and raise your profile among the media.

Connect with industry leaders and communicate together

The old saying ‘strength in numbers’ remains true today. Whether your not-for-profit is calling for industry-wide change or you’re seeking new government policy that would help enhance your services, having another credible source supporting your statements will bolster the cause. Host a press conference together, join forces to approach a Minister, or pen a co-authored op-ed supported with interesting and factual data. If more than one organisation is taking to the cause, communities will begin to listen.


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