How Can Your Organisation Get Noticed with a Pre-Budget Submission?

Whilst it may be difficult to fathom that now is the time to start thinking about your organisation’s pre-budget submission, you cannot start too early to ensure the government is made aware of your particular ask.

Here are the top five inclusions we recommend for your pre-budget submission:

Not too many pages

The quickest way to be ignored by the government, or in fact anyone in 2023 is by including too many words.  Government advisors have so much reading to do on a daily basis.  Keep your submission down to 2-5 pages to ensure someone will read and interpret it. If you need a more in-depth explainer, draft that alongside a shorter overview.

Your organisation’s impact 

It is important to include details of your organisation’s background, and more importantly impact for the nation over many years.  How many young people have you helped?  What has been the most significant achievement of your program or initiative, and what does the future hold? Include as appendixes including any impacts reports, or impact analyses.

What is your ask?

It is vital that your ask, or in other words, what you would like the government to provide to you,  is concise, and made clear within your pre-budget submission. Whether it’s funding, in kind support or regulatory changes, what will be the outcome for your organisation, and who will be the beneficiaries?

What is the return on investment?

This will be one of the most pivotal questions the government will have for you, should you secure a  meeting.  What sort of benefit will your organisation, program or initiative deliver the nation?  How much will you save the government’s health expenditure, will you reduce the cost or crime, or create employment. This is the space to think laterally and creatively. What areas does your organisation have an indirect impact? Where is the social or economic value created? Could you develop an impact bond for your programs? The more you can show economic impact, the better your chances of government attention.

Is there a partner, or could you potentially involve a partner in your plans?

The Government likes to see organisations, particularly not-for-profits working together for the good of the country. If there is a partner or investor involved in your program or initiative, be sure to include their details and level of involvement as part of the submission.  If this partner has some experience working with the government, this is even better news.

If you plan to approach the government in the lead up to the 2024 budget, we recommend you begin on your pre-budget submission as soon as you can. 

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Fifty Acres.

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