Is your communications strategy prepared?

Now more than ever, effective communication is integral to your organisation. Stakeholders are savvier, media is constantly on the lookout for compelling stories, and internal staff have higher expectations of engagement consistency.  A comprehensive communications strategy brings all these parts together to ensure coherent messaging, key objectives to work towards, and a plan to measure […]

Purpose + Impact Conference Speaker Series: Andrew Apostola

We look forward to welcoming many fantastic speakers to our Purpose + Impact Conference on 20 November at the Ace Hotel, Sydney. Now a week away, we spoke with Andrew Apostola, Founder of Portable, on how purpose-driven companies can apply the not-for-profit model, authenticity for brand, and the key points he’ll be discussing with attendees […]

The Time is Now for NFPs to Work with Government

There has never been a better time to get in front of the government, highlight your work in the community, and reiterate how you can contribute to the national agenda according to Founder and CEO of Fifty Acres, Jo Scard.  “We are really looking forward to welcoming over 100 not-for-profit representatives to our For Good Not-for-Profit Conference […]

What the superannuation tax increase means for NFPs

Recent superannuation changes is good news for not for profit organisations. It means we are finally approaching a government who will likely listen to our plight.

What does the 2021 Census data mean for your NFP?

It’s been five long years in the waiting, but the results of the ABS Census are finally here. While there’s still a way to go before full insights into the data are known, we’re already seeing some crucial takeouts that not-for-profit organisations should consider when building their strategy.

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