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  • Boardshorts, Thongs and Memes

    Fifty Acres founder and managing director Jo Scard explains the method in the madness behind the prime minister’s Australia Day dress code talk. As most of the country heads back to work after the long weekend (for the record Fifty Acres worked Monday and has joined the http://www.changeitourselves.com.au/ movement) there has been a heck of a lot […]

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  • We’re changing the date ourselves

    Through our work alongside many Indigenous organisations, we understand the importance of this change as a step towards national reconciliation. Our team feels strongly about moving Australia Day to a date that all Australians can celebrate which is why we will be changing the date ourselves. Fifty Acres supports our employee’s choices to #changethedate they celebrate […]

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  • Jo is speaking at Mumbrella SAGE

    Fifty Acres founder and Mumbrella CommsCon PR Leader of the Year winner, Jo Scard, is one of a number of senior independent agency leaders confirmed to speak at Mumbrella SAGE (Secrets of Agency Excellence) on February 21 in Sydney next year. Jo will take the stage to discuss leadership and creating a great culture within […]

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  • Okay People, Buckle Up

    With an early federal election possibly just around the corner, our founder and managing director Jo Scard says not-for-profits need to take action now to put their organisation in a strong position whatever the outcome. Hey look, just when we thought it was okay to start booking a holiday over Christmas we might just need […]

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  • The New Operating Environment

    You’d be right if you were unsure why all the leadership shenanigans happened in Canberra two weeks ago. Most veteran political commentators are still trying to work it out too. But fathom it we must, as we need to work out how to navigate the new government and (if you own a really good crystal […]

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  • Engagement Strategy Webinar

    The Super Saturday by-elections and Liberal Spill have big implications – one thing’s for sure, 2018 is shaping up to be a major opportunity for political engagement. Now’s the time to take stock of the new political landscape with our tips on issues and trends to watch that will help refine your engagement strategy for […]

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  • Influencer Marketing Webinar

    During our recent Fifty Acres Academy Webinar our Managing Director, Jo Scard spoke with Scrunch Co-Founder, CEO and influencer marketing queen Danielle Lewis on the topic of what actually is influencer marketing and brands and not-for-profits use it to their advantage with.

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  • Political Engagement Trends

    The Super Saturday by-elections have big implications – one thing’s for sure, 2018 is shaping up to be a major opportunity for political engagement.

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  • Cut Through Communications

    We’re at a point where everyone is trying to figure out ways to best utilise a very fragmented media landscape. Our attention spans are short but how do we maintain membership involvement and enthusiasm?

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