Playing it right: Entering the podcast game as a not-for-profit

In 2022, podcasts have become a staple in communications professionals’ toolboxes. Not-for-profits can leverage them – without having to start their own series.

Why strategic communications matters (now more than ever)

If your organisation has not yet delved into the world of effective communication, we’ve prepared a list of why doing so should be high on your priority list.

How not-for-profits can make an impact with communications

At Fifty Acres, we work with many not-for-profits on their communication, government relations strategies and media, and we’re ready to share some of our secrets about why communication matters now more than ever.

The federal election campaign is over: what did we learn?

For communicators, the federal election campaign trail highlighted the tactics that work and those that don’t.

Multicultural media is a strong engagement lever, not a gimmick

Mobinah Ahmad, Account Director at Fifty Acres, warns that neglecting multicultural media in favour of mainstream placement comes at a cost.

Approaching the federal budget cycle: Ending the year with a clear vision for your NFP

If this is your first time preparing a pre-budget submission or you’re looking to sharpen your entry, Jo Scard, CEO and founder of Fifty Acres, has collated some handy tips to give organisations the best chance at achieving advocacy goals.

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