Summerfruit Australia

We helped Summerfruit Australia communicate the situation of a stone fruit shortage in late 2022, and early 2023, following periods of floods in rural and regional Australia.

  • Media relations

To develop a strategic, well-informed media approach, we had to conduct many interviews through meetings with regional and rural growers, to ensure we were across the operating landscape, and the broader context for farmers in all areas across Australia. 

We worked closely with stakeholders, including organisation spokespeople and stone fruit growers, who were to be interviewed by the media. 

Summerfruit Australia featured in major publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Nine News, Brisbane Times and Canberra Times, with a potential audience of over 30 million. The organisation also appeared on several rural and regional radio and television stations and local papers, and produce outlets; such as Good Fruit and Vegetables, and Delicious Magazine. 

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