Rental Affordability Index 2022 – National Shelter

Fifty Acres assisted National Shelter and partners (including SGS Economics & Planning, Beyond Bank Australia, and Brotherhood of St Laurence) to release the Rental Affordability Index in November 2022. National Shelter has engaged Fifty Acres for media relations support annually since 2019.

  • Media Relations

Fifty Acres developed a strategic earned media approach to drive widespread coverage of the 2022 Rental Affordability Index report, which involved the development of a national media release to launch the report, alongside personalised pitches for each state and territory to tailor earned media coverage to the local area.

On launch day, we coordinated a media call at Parliament House with spokespeople from various partners, driving exposure amongst journalists and politicians. We managed all media interviews for all participating partners, ensuring the spokesperson was most suited to the publication we landed the interview with.

The report generated exceptionally strong results, with the story covered by priority target media, seeding the identified key messages to audiences nationwide. The coverage was widespread across metro outlets, regional outlets, local news and priority news.

With an estimated reach of over 555 million and AVE of $5.4 million, the story was covered over 1030 times over TV, radio, online news, print and on social media. National placements included the ABC, the Guardian, Channel 7, as well as state-based publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Herald Sun and the West Australian.

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