Busting 5 Common PR Myths in the New Year

As we dive into 2024, let’s clear up some misconceptions about PR that are still floating around.

First and foremost, what exactly is PR? At its core, it’s the art of shaping how a brand or organisation is perceived by others.

PR involves a whole bag of tricks – from media relations and government engagement to event planning, social media management, and, when things go awry – crisis communication. 

But despite its versatility, there are still some persistent myths that may  hinder organisations from fully embracing a robust PR strategy.


Myth #1: Only large organisations with deep pockets can afford PR.

Contrary to popular belief, organisations of any size can, and should invest in PR. Small organisations can leverage PR to build brand awareness, position brand, and generate publicity, fostering credibility with their target audience. 

For example, consider publishing thought leadership content that tackles core industry issues on platforms you own, like LinkedIn and website blogs. Additionally, contributing op-eds to reputable media publications provides an avenue for exposure. Another emerging and affordable approach is leveraging livestreaming platforms such as Facebook or YouTube to share free content, effectively conveying messages and engaging with audiences.


Myth #2: PR is solely for putting out fires.

Not exactly. While PR can certainly be reactive during crises, it is equally important as a proactive force, helping build a positive brand reputation and strategic positioning through effective long-term strategies.


Myth #3: One epic PR stunt will catapult your brand.

Yes and no. While a successful PR stunt, like Elon Musk launching his Tesla Roadster into space, can garner attention, sustained brand credibility and loyalty requires consistent PR efforts through everyday actions that resonate with audiences.


Myth #4: PR is a money pit with little payoff.

The elusive nature of PR outcomes might make it seem like you’re throwing money into a black hole. But set the right metrics, like media coverage, engagement rates, and broader reach, and you’ll see that PR is an investment that pays off over time.


Myth #5: PR Is a walk in the park.

Some organisations attempt DIY PR to cut costs, thinking it primarily involves drafting press releases and social media posts. In reality, PR involves crafting consistent brand messaging through strategic planning, industry expertise, and building relationships with the media and key stakeholders.


As organisations navigate the challenges and opportunities of 2024, it’s crucial to dispel these lingering myths surrounding PR. 


By embracing PR as a dynamic tool for consistent communication, positive reputation-building, and strategic engagement, organisations,  including not-for-profits (NFP) organisations, can forge stronger connections with their communities and amplify their missions.


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