Back to basics: Simple communications in a confusing climate

As a fallout of the pandemic, we’ve watched on as local, state, and federal governments wrestle with the consequences of inconsistent messaging.

Most recently, the vaccination ad campaign was met with backlash, while the government’s communication methods for the vaccine rollout have been criticised as confusing, complex and ever-changing. Not to mention the over complication of NSW Health advice, which has led to confusion among NSW residents, with almost all major online publications trying to decode and share the restrictions in simpler terms.

Throughout these political tussles and campaign failures, we’ve been quickly reminded of a basic PR rule: keep it simple.

We’re living in an era where the media cycle is undeniably cluttered, audiences are fatigued, and times are – we hate to say it – unprecedented. In turn, it is crucial that our messaging is clear, consistent, and properly aligned with a wider strategy.

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