Announcement of Groundbreaking Government Strategy Marks a Significant Milestone in the Fight for Gender Equality.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, the Labor government revealed its first ever strategy for promoting gender equality. Katy Gallagher, the Minister for Women, unveiled the plan on Thursday 7 March, marking a significant milestone in the fight towards creating a fairer and more equal Australia.

The Australian government has seen a growing demand for such a strategy over recent years, with women all over the country calling for better legislation and a more active approach by the government on women’s issues. Bridging the gender pay gap is a huge part of this, as women on average are ending up with over $50,000 less in their account than men when they retire. Gender-based violence and an increasing need for parental support have also been identified as key problems the government must address moving forward.

Minister Gallagher believes the Labor Party’s strategy titled “Working for Women: A Strategy for Gender Equality” has the power to make a real difference in tackling these issues. The Strategy includes legislation requiring employers to pay superannuation as a part of paid parental leave, with the intention being to minimise the gender pay gap. Minister Gallagher
lists economic security and equality as key focuses for the future, along with equal sharing and valuing care, ending gender-based violence, health and women’s leadership.

Minister Gallagher expresses hope that the actions she has set forth will be hugely significant in leveling the playing field for women all over Australia, stating that “While we have a way to go when it comes to achieving a gender equal Australia, I know that it is possible. It is a realistic goal. And it is one worth fighting for.”

Whilst announcing this Strategy on Thursday, the Labor government also unveiled their second annual Status of Women Report Card. This report card gives an update on the status of women’s equality every year and the 2024 report highlights the continuing need for governmental action on these issues.

Both the Strategy and the Report were formulated by the Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce established in the early days of the Albanese Labor Government in 2022. The taskforce operates as an independent group of women tasked with identifying the barriers women face in the Australian economy, and in doing so providing the Australian government with guidance on how best to address these issues.

This taskforce was just one of the major steps the Albanese Labor Government has taken to address gender inequality. As the first federally elected majority woman government in Australian history, the Albanese government has also managed to finalise the National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children 2022-2032, and pass groundbreaking legislation requiring employers of 100 or more people to publish gender pay gap data.

Whilst it is saddening to know that there is still such a wide disparity between the opportunities given to men and women in Australia today, it is encouraging to see some real action being taken by those in power.

Check out the full strategy and report card here to learn more about how we can strive to make our country a more equal place for all.

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