What is the
Fifty Acres

Jo Scard, Founder and CEO of Australia’s leading for-good communications and engagement agency Fifty Acres, is here to help not-for-profits and for-good businesses and organisations make sense of the media and government landscapes. Hosting a series of workshops throughout the year, Jo and senior advisers at Fifty Acres help organisations across the country with the ins-and-outs of developing successful campaigns and strategies.

We also host a series of webinars so that organisations across the country, no matter where they’re located, have access to support, advice and best practice to help kick their goals.

This year, we’re hosting a diverse range of events to ensure that organisations can make the most of their communications and stakeholder outreach. Secure your spot now for our upcoming free workshops and webinars.


What do past
attendees think about the

“Jo had a lovely open approach and style. Nothing felt too formal.
She made us feel like we were having a conversation with a friend.”

“It was well structured, had lots of practical tips. Jo was clearly very well
experienced and shared some useful stories. She was also very approachable.”

“They were tips that made sense and will be easy to action.”

“It gave me time to think about the issues I’ve been pondering for a while and
ideas on how to proceed.”

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