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Fifty Acres

The Federal Election will be held on 18 May—Australia is preparing to enter into a new political environment, and within weeks, a potential new Government and new cabinet.

So, what will this mean for you?

Jo Scard, Founder and CEO of Australia’s leading for-good communications and engagement agency Fifty Acres is here to help not-for-profits and for-good businesses and organisations make sense of it all. And then take action by guiding you through the steps needed to develop a government engagement strategy for success in 2019 and beyond in a series of half-day workshops.

Each half-day workshop will include four parts:

Part 1: The lay of the land—with the election on 18 May, this workshop will dissect the results and the predicted priorities and approach of the new government. We will also introduce you to the key players you need to get in front of.

Part 2: Strategic development—we will take you through the practical breakdown of how to develop a comprehensive government engagement strategy and implementation plan.

Part 3: Case study—we will share with you an end-to-end three-year case study. This will detail the various approaches and how they intersected to achieve incredible results including social media, community service announcements, media, creative, government relations and third-party support.

Part 4: Implementation—we will guide you through the recommended approach for carrying out your engagement activities. We will also address some troubleshooting issues that can sometimes disturb even the best-laid plans, and how to get back on track.


Standard (From 1 May)

  • Workshop ticket: $75
  • VIP workshop ticket (including 30-minute one-on-one planning session with Jo Scard within two weeks following your workshop): $150
  • Webinar ticket: $30
  • VIP webinar ticket (including 30-minute one-on-one planning session with Jo Scard within two weeks following your workshop): $105


Register by selecting your city:
Sydney | Melbourne | Canberra | Brisbane | Rural & Regional (Webinar)

What you will come away with:

  • This workshop will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the political landscape in the lead up to the election.
  • You’ll learn how to prepare for the next government and what you can do immediately following the election.
  • You’ll learn how to develop a government engagement strategy from the ground up—or if you already have a strategy in place you’ll gain insights on how to build on that plan to ensure it’s as robust as possible.
  • We’ll cover implementation, timings and milestones to make sure you’re on the right track in terms of putting the strategy to work.
  • You will receive a workshop workbook that will contain useful government engagement strategy templates
  • You’ll end the session feeling confident to devise a government engagement strategy and that your organisation is on the right path to success, no matter what the outcome of the election.
  • If you select the VIP ticket option, you’ll also get a one-on-one private planning session with Jo Scard where Jo will review your plan and give you personalised feedback and the chance to discuss your government relations program in detail.

What do past
attendees think about the

“Jo had a lovely open approach and style. Nothing felt too formal.
She made us feel like we were having a conversation with a friend.”

“It was well structured, had lots of practical tips. Jo was clearly very well
experienced and shared some useful stories. She was also very approachable.”

“They were tips that made sense and will be easy to action.”

“It gave me time to think about the issues I’ve been pondering for a while and
ideas on how to proceed.”

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