How to Win the Battle for Attention on Facebook

There’s no shortage of ads on Facebook, with brands battling to win the attention and trigger engagement from their target audience. Unfortunately, many brands fall into the trap of emulating the styles of other brands, which just adds (excuse the pun) to the repetitive clutter that consumers are tired of seeing.

Here are 5 tips that will help your ads stand out:

  1. Give it your time: A strong Facebook ad can be of enormous benefit to your brand, so don’t be slack! It’s important to set aside adequate time for the project. Perhaps this is part of the reason why ad styles have become so homogenous. Applying the same old techniques can be tempting because it will save time and resources, but it’s much less likely to achieve its intended purpose.
  1. Make an offer they can’t refuse: If possible, make an offer to your audience. If you can afford to run a promotional campaign that allows consumers to test your product or service before they make a financial commitment, then go for it! People are generally quite cynical, and will not commit to a purchase if their satisfaction isn’t guaranteed – people love freebies. It doesn’t have to be a trial of your product or service, it could reward consumers for their engagement with a prize or bonus. 
  1. Simplicity: Whilst adequate time must be spent when creating an ad, Facebook users however, do not want to waste time decoding your ad. They’d much rather stalk their friends or tag them in a meme. Your ad should be clear, and walk consumers through the relevant steps from the time of their initial interest, to a potential purchase. An effective ‘Call to Action’ must also be present to offer consumers with the ability to clarify, inquire, or engage with your ad.
  1. Effective writing: The target audience’s reception of your ad is heavily influenced by the language, style, and length of your ad. As noted earlier, you must be clear and avoid language that takes away from the message and confuses your audience. Again, it’s hard enough as is to capture the attention of Facebook users who’d prefer socialising, so when you do get their precious attention, don’t deter them with confusing language. Moreover, convey your message in as little words as possible, and be selective about the information you choose to publish in your ad.
  1. Creative material: Facebook’s a creative hub. Its users create and share interesting content, so when in Rome… Your content must match their creativity to spark their interest. The use of an intriguing image, gif, video, meme, or any other media, will significantly enhance your ads appeal. In marketing, a picture (gif, video, or meme) is certainly worth a thousand words. Furthermore, being aware of fads and trends on social media is worthwhile, but remember, being unique will reap greater rewards.

So off you go, apply these 5 tips when creating your next Facebook ad, and win the battle for attention!