Edit Before You Regret It: Why You Need To Take Editing Seriously

Yes, I’m sure you know that editing is important, but are you really putting in the effort? In today’s intense, fast paced working environments, we often neglect one of our duties, or fail to give it due diligence, so we can move on to another task. Ironically, editing is often first on the chopping block. 

When producing all forms of content, or launching a new PR or advertising campaign, editing is everything. Here are a few things to look out for before you publish:

  1. Spelling and Grammar: I bet you’re thinking, “That’s obvious, I wasn’t born yesterday”. Well, here’s a list of editing bloopers from some experienced major players. It happens to the best of us. Skimming through written content is not good enough, when proofreading, you must be meticulous! You’d be surprise how many simple spelling or grammatical errors escape you. A good way of sealing those cracks is to get a fresh pair (or pairs) of eyes to read over the content. If that’s not possible, then wait a little, move on to something else, and then get back to it and check over it again. It is time well spent, because publishing error-ridden content will not only save you time correcting the mistakes, but could be a strain on your financial resources. 
  1. Clarity of message: Checking that your content is as clear as possible for your desired audience is vital. Editing will help you consider alterations that will improve your audience’s reception of the message. Rephrasing, shortening sentences, cutting unnecessary content, or perhaps adding something valuable or previously forgotten, could help your content or campaign go from good to great!
  1. Quality of overall work: Editing can be eye-opening. You may discover that your work is simply not good enough for production, or has not met initial expectations. Whilst that realisation may be incredibly frustrating, it will most certainly save you time and resources that would be spent trying to revive your dud campaign and restore your brand’s reputation. Re-writing content or re-thinking a campaign may sound overwhelming, but it’s certainly worth it, ultimately, you want your brand to be synonymous with quality, so make the effort to achieve that goal.

Editing can be tedious and boring, but hang in there, because a thorough edit can prevent a disaster, or hopefully, pave the way to success.