Storytelling, Social Media and the Power of Positivity

“I think that social media inherently leans towards cynicism… The truth is, if you spend a little more time, if you dive into a little more nuance, you’ll see that there’s actually a lot of good being done under the surface.” - Brendon Harvey

Branden Harvey’s right. As sad as it is, negativity rules in today’s media; overshadowing and dwarfing positive voices that desire and work for good. The only way to counteract it is to circulate positive messages that remind your audience of the positive work you do. One of the best ways to achieve this is through storytelling.

Storytelling has used generation after generation to generate positivity, instil hope, and inspire action. Here’s why it works: 

  1. It’s engaging: A good story is compelling; it captures a reader/viewer’s attention with descriptive language and an intriguing plot. When telling a story on social media, adopting these techniques will set you apart from the (mostly negative) crowd. It adds colour to your social media post, and most importantly, the right language will generate positivity. 
  1. It’s personal: When producing content about the positive outcomes that your work has produced, storytelling can add depth to your overall message by ‘zooming in’ (as Branden Harvey puts it) on one or a few of the beneficiaries and explaining how they’ve benefited from your work (telling their story). Statistics evoke cynicism from consumers, but personal stories are believable
  1. It’s motivational: Storytelling inspires, and inspiration preludes action. Your positive story will not only evoke positive emotion, but will motivate others who are inspired by the story, to themselves be a force for good. There’d be no greater reward than the satisfaction that you’d receive from knowing that your brand’s content was the catalyst for positive change. It’s also really good PR.

People are naturally cynical and pessimistic, but a good story with a positive message, available to millions through social media, will surely shed some light in a gloomy world, but if not that, it’ll definitely shed some light on your brand.