A Sneak Peak into Facebook’s New Features

Facebook’s annual F8 conference is an unmissable date for many marketing professionals around the world. This year was no exception, with Facebook announcing several new features, promising to redefine how businesses market their brands now and into the future.

A new augmented reality (AR) feature, and the introduction of Facebook Spaces and Messenger Business Bots are among many new features announced at the conference, each compelling social media marketers to re-think their approach to strengthening their brand’s presence online.

We’ve gone through these three new features, and how you can use them for your own business: 

  1. Augmented Reality: Facebook’s AR technology promises to give users the power to interact with their friends and family in an unprecedented fashion. Using both the camera and location services on a mobile device, this feature will provide users with the ability to create realistic and interactive 3D settings. As Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg puts it, Facebook is “making the camera the first augmented reality platform”. The social media platform unveiled plans to introduce a ‘virtual smart card’ which, when tapped on an object, displays information about the selected item, marking the future of product marketing.
  1. Facebook Space: Facebook Space allows users to create virtual reality (VR) spaces, where they can simulate real life interactions. This new feature could present brands with an opportunity to showcase their product or service (i.e. property, designs, and tourism) to consumers on a large scale without the need for direct physical contact. 
  1. Messenger Business Bots: Facebook also hinted at releasing a ‘Chat Extensions’ update which would allow several users to message the same chat bots at any one time. This feature would enable consumers to chat with brands’ personal bots for a direct and immediate response to their inquiry – a priceless tool for customer relationship management.

The introduction of AR and VR platforms on Facebook, as well as an update to chat bot features, are just a few of the many new initiatives that Facebook announced during their F8 conference. Leep a lookout for these features and any other new changes announced by Facebook because they’re likely to change the marketing game – now and into the future.