1. happy to be sharing the results of the latest YouGov-Fifty Acres poll ›
  2. excited to be working with The Benevolent Society ›
  3. working with Aussie start-up KoalaSafe who has cracked the US market! ›
  4. excited to be working with Growth Tank as the PR partner for the Mums Marketing Conference ›
  5. looking forward to the next Fifty Acres webinar on 25 July 2017! ›
  6. doing a happy dance re our support for the Third Sector Live conference in Melbourne in September ›

Big picture communications for corporates 
and Not-For-Profits

Government Relations | Public Relations | Strategic Communications

If you’re a corporate or Not-For-Profit that’s feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of government thinking, or struggling to develop the right PR or strategic communications plan, don’t worry. Fifty Acres can help.

Jo Scard and her well-connected team of experts will work closely with your business to develop an intelligent communications strategy and build long-lasting relationships with both the media and government. So, whether you need to improve your relationship with government, or you’re looking for better media management and more comprehensive stakeholder research, you’ve come to the right place.